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Marketing to schools is the daily blog of, the UK’s leading supplier of marketing services for companies that wish to advertise to school managers and teachers.

On this site we focus to a large degree (although not exclusively) on one prime question: “Why do some advertisements to schools work, and others not?” 

In addition, if you want to dig further into this topic, you might also be interested in the book “The science and art of creating brilliant emails and websites that sell products and services to schools”

Also on this site we have published a few of the silly stories are sent to those who have used or enquired about our services.  These little pieces are our  way of helping refresh the brain when one is trying to think of new things to say.   Such tales don’t tell you how to write an advert, but might just nudge the brain enough to take your thoughts in a completely new direction.  And might occasionally make you laugh!

But back with the more serious items, here are a few pieces from a little while back that you might have missed.

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You might also find our sample advert and the commentary explaining how and why it was written that way, of help.

GDPR: how to sell to teachers in the wake of the new legislation

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