Despite current government advice that schools should stay open, the schools themselves are preparing alternatives

School managers in all parts of the UK have now been instructed to prepare for situations in which pupils and students are forced to study at home, rather than in the school.

Obviously the government is reluctant to institute this approach since if children are at home, then a parent needs to be there to keep them safe.  So plans are being kept flexible, and news services (such as Sky News) are talking about teachers being instructed to provide material that can be used at home.

Schools are thus adopting the obvious solution with work being put on school on-line learning platforms.  However it is clear that in many subject areas the amount of material that the schools have available for each class is limited.

Those pupils and students who simply can’t work at home are then to be provided with places at school where the same on-line materials can be studied using computers placed in school halls, etc.

Obviously not every teacher in every school has readily available on-line materials to provide to pupils or students, which does mean some schools are looking for new teaching items that can be used on-line.

In response to this and to the petition calling on the government to shut schools completely, which has over half a million signatures on it, has introduced a fast-track promotional service which can get an email promotion into schools within one working day of our receiving a final ready-to-send promotion.

My own view is that schools will close eventually, at which stage all schools will be looking to provide pupils and students with on-line learning materials at home.  As a result the school admin services will stay open, and emails will either be forwarded to teachers or teachers will come into school to access them.

In short teachers will start working like many office workers – sometimes in their employers’ premises, often at home.

There is no additional fee for the rapid turnround of promotions, and our normal guarantees apply.  However if you do wish to have your email reviewed before it is sent out, so we can make suggestions as to how it might be changed slightly in order to enhance response rates, but we will need an extra day or so to carry that out.

You can book into a single email, or the discounted four email service and have the rapid despatch take place.  Please call 01604 880 927 or email

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