How the simple fact of getting more visitors onto your website can help sales more than you might imagine.

How Google responds to a search request can have a direct impact on your business.

Let’s imagine that you sell school desks.  A school manager types into the search engine “School desks discount price” and looks at the result.

The chances are the individual searcher might well look down the results on the first page of the search engine but is unlikely to go any further.

Today on my computer the first four listings are paid-for advertisements.  There were then 10 company listings, and at the foot of the page three more advertisements.

Most people doing that search won’t even read all of those first page entries. Very few people will go onto page 2 of the results. Which is a bit of a shame for the rest of the 313 million answers that Google found to my simple search.

Which confirms what is generally said: getting onto page one is the key to getting sales – which is why you may well receive regular emails from firms that (judging by the way they write) don’t know anything about your company but are convinced they can get you onto page one of any search enquiry.

So how can you get onto page one?  Here’s one way.

This approach requires you to have something on offer, a specific item that teachers might want, big time.  Ideally it should be free, and also, in order to get it the teacher should need not just to click on the link in the advert but on a second link within the site as well.

If we assume that you offer the same sort of school desks that your rivals offer, then what you could do is offer a free report with a headline such as “How some schools are saving 50% on the cost of desks”.  Put that headline followed by the words “Free Report” after it, on your home page.

If that’s not a viable approach, then maybe an article on the false savings accrued by buying very cheap desks, which have a much shorter life than some slightly more expensive desks.

After a while people who have not been emailed by you will start to find your link on Google as it rises up the rankings and that takes you further up the rankings.

If you can find another report to offer, and swap the headline on the home page to one offering that second report, you can get even more hits.

Now, of course, these hits are not directly getting you sales, but as you offer a genuine, helpful free report, some sales should result.  Meanwhile many people will be impressed by your report – and they may go looking for something else on your site.

Does the process work?  It is not guaranteed, but it can do – and the good thing is that you can have several goes at it, putting up different articles at different times to see which one performs best.

If you would like some help with this sort of approach, it is the sort of service that we undertake with our customers.  So if you are thinking of emailing schools in the coming weeks, we could at the same time help you edge your website up the rankings.

Details of our six email service through which you can regularly email teachers at a very discounted cost are available on our website.  To find out about how, at the same time we can take your website up the rankings, do call 01604 880 927 or email

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