How to avoid advertising

I won’t keep you in suspense with the answer to this one.  What these firms do is use our Payments by Results service.  

As a first step the companies tell us about their products or services and give us details of their website plus, if possible, a recent copy of an advertisement and anything else that is relevant in relation to what they sell.

We then look at the product or service and then we place advertisements where we think they might work using whatever medium we think is appropriate.

There is no charge at all for any of this service. Instead we agree at the start a commission for each sale that is made. The orders still come in to you in the normal way, and at the end of each month the company sends us a report detailing how many sales have been made as a result of our advertising.

We then invoice for the commission at our agreed rate, and the company pays that within the next 30 days – by which time most of the money will have come in from the schools.

There is no set time for running this service, and if you do join in, you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice.

You’ll find more information on our website or you can call 01604 880 927 or email

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