“Why would you send out adverts without charging people?  Of course it doesn’t work.”

I’ve tried writing the advertisement in different ways and, fortunately for me, there are a fair number of people who realise they have nothing to lose (since we are not planning on charging them for the advertising).  But a lot of other companies just don’t want free advertising.

What I’m talking about is our Payment By Results service, as you may have guessed.

And because I am one of these people who really likes to know things, I have spent quite a bit of time asking the Managing Directors and Marketing Directors of various companies why they are not using the service.

And the most common answer was, “There must be a catch.”

The point made was that only paying a commission on sales (as is the case with the Payment by Results service), with no payment for the advertising, was such a good deal that it couldn’t be right.

Several people said that they felt our commission rates must be very high, and that would be the catch.  So I said, fine, let us quote you the commission.  Don’t make any commitment, let me make you an offer.

Then they said, “Ah well, you’ll start off low, and then up the commission.”  To which I replied that the contract had no time limits in it, so if I did change the commission, they could immediately cancel.

“I’ll think about it,” was then said, and I heard no more.

Fortunately it is only a tiny number of firms that go down this route, and we now have more more companies using our Payment by Results service than ever before.

To put it succinctly, there is nothing to pay up front. We send out the adverts, you count the sales, and then at the end of the second month you declare how many items you have sold and we send you the invoice for commission, according to the agreement.

And even then you have one month to pay.  There is more information on our website.

The best way forward is simply to email Stephen@schools.co.uk in confidence with details of your product or service, including if possible a recent advert – along with details of how much you charge schools. We’ll come back straight away with details of our commission rate for your particular product or service.

Then if you want to proceed, we start the advertising.

And there’s one extra bonus. There is no long term contract. You can cease using Payment by Results advertising with just one month’s notice (to allow for the adverts we already have scheduled to work their way through the system).

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