How are companies that sell to schools dealing with the new regulations?  

Reaching thousands of teachers and school managers through their dedicated news service, without a single email in sight.

UK Education News is an online rolling news service which is refreshed every five minutes.  At the top of the page appear the latest news headlines – teachers click on the stories they want as they scroll down the page, with each click leading them directly to the story.

Additionally we are now running a small number of articles in between the news stories which lead to advertisements for educational products.

In each case they will see your headline and then go to your advertisement which we place on your own page on the Schools Blogs.  You can of course write that advertisement any way you like; most advertisers include within it not only their email and other contact details but also a link to their own website.

You can try advertising on UK Education News once for £49.95.  Or if you wish you can run a series of four advertisements for a total of just £75.95.  

If booking into a series we suggest running these once a week, with the the advertisement headline changed each time, but you can opt for them to go out across a longer period if you wish.  Each advertisement normally stays on the site for about a week as it works its way down the list.

The best way to get to know what is on UK Education News is to take a look yourself now, and then come back tomorrow to see how it has changed and how the listings are moving down the service.

If you have any questions or to place a booking please call 01604 880 927 or email

Tony Attwood

If you want to discuss any issues raised here please call 01603 880 729 or email

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