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A free additional email when you book in a 4-email campaign for the summer term

As a general guide schools will be re-opening for the summer term around Tuesday 19 April.  There’s a bank holiday on 2 May and a half term from 30 May to 3 June.  The summer term in England and Wales then ends on or around 21 July.

And we should note that although the holidays are times when pupils and students are of course not at school, a fair number of teachers will continue to monitor their incoming emails and will be making plans for expenditure, as soon as they return to schools.

In Local Authority schools, the new finance for the 2022/3 financial year will be available from the start of term, whereupon spending can begin.  In Academies and many independent schools this is the final term of the 2021/2 financial year so money is being used up.

To help matters along, if you would like to book in a series of four emails to be sent out in the coming months, we will give you an extra email free.  All we ask is that the first email of the series is to be sent out on or before 24 April.  The rest of the emails will go out on the days you specify, over any period you like.

Plus, not only do we send out the emails for you, after each email arrives at the schools we’ll send you a report on how many teachers looked at the email, and how many then clicked through to your website.

A 4-email campaign (with an additional email free of charge) aimed at teachers in Secondary Schools costs £215 in total.  You’ll also receive our detailed report after each email, showing how many teachers read the email, and how many clicked through to your website.

So, if you do take advantage of the extra free email the price is just £43 per email.  Which may well mean you only need one or two sales from each email to be in profit.

For Primary Schools if you opt to take the additional free email the price is £57.80 per email sent out.

You can also change the person who is reached in each email, so you might choose to reach the deputy head in one promotion, the head of special needs in another, and so on.  Plus you can take as long as you wish to complete the series of emails.

To make arrangements, or if you have any questions please do call 01604 880 927, or email

Tony Attwood

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