They are not “that kind” of email

Emails addressed to schools which use generic addresses (such as and which don’t have any teacher details attached can of course still be used in the post-GDPR world.

The reason for this is quite simple: the data used contains no personal information.

In order to get the email to the right teacher one simply puts on the subject line “Attention: The Head of English” or whoever it is and then you write your advertisement underneath.

As well as offering the list outright, we are also happy to undertake emailing campaigns for you using this list.  The cost to reach secondary schools is £75 and primary schools is £175.

A small number of schools that have asked not to have any emails sent at all have been removed from the list.  After the mailing you will receive a report on the response that has been achieved.

Alternatively we can supply you with the database so that you can send out the emails yourself or through a nominated agency.  The advantage of this approach is that you can use the data over and over again, reaching different teachers each time if you wish.

The price for the database of both primary and secondary schools is £74.95. ​The data comes as a spreadsheet and separates primary schools from secondary schools and allows selection by county.

If you would like to know more about using our generic list either yourself or via ourselves please do call Stephen on 01604 880 927 or email

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