How to make yourself creative and write brilliant adverts at the same time

Write an email advertisement one way and you might get three sales.  Write it another way and you could get 100.  Change it again and you could get so many replies you could need to stop advertising for a while so you can catch up.

That fact has been known for many years, but the central challenge for those who create advertisements has always remained the same: finding the core reasons why advertisement a) might bring in 100+ sales while advertisement b) hardly brings in any interest at all.

The reason for this disparity, and the related fact that many people find it hard to predict which advertisement will work and which will not, is because writing successful advertising is not a matter of common sense.  It is not about telling the reader what you have to offer.

In fact successful advertising to teachers is about two things.  It is about understanding how teachers see advertisements when they look at them for the first few seconds, and what makes readers respond to some advertisements and not others.

And then having realized this, it is about having an inventive and creative mind which allows you to find exactly the right phrase turn of phrase, the right style and right approach to ensure that teachers start reading, stay with you, and quickly become convinced that this is what they want.

However this is where many people stop because although they might be willing to accept that creating an advertisement is not a matter of common sense, they might then argue that they are not personally creative enough to be able to evolve advertisements that will make teachers buy.

This new book, “The science and art of creating brilliant emails…”  is the first book which tackles these two issues, presenting the issues in a clear and straightforward manner. It reveals what the key issues are, and shows how anyone who wishes to  can become an expert in writing advertisements that work.

All that is required is a little practice in looking at the world in slightly different way.

Tony Attwood, the author of this book, has not only spent 30 years writing advertisements aimed at teachers, he has also been a university lecturer in and practitioner of the creative arts, working as musician, in the theatre, as a novelist, as a writer on music and sport, and as the author of numerous educational books.

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The book is also available on Kindle.  Or just go to Kindle and type in Just type in “The science and art of creating brilliant emails and websites that sell products and services to schools”

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