Gaining sales from schools during this time of austerity for all


It is of course true that school budgets are being cut.  But curiously there are some unexpected bonuses in this.

For example, because a lot of schools are not being inspected on anything like a regular basis they are not spending huge amounts preparing for the arrival of the man or woman from Ofsted.

Indeed the days of the ten person team descending for a week are long gone with some schools not being inspected for years on end, and even when inspected are being allowed to get away with all sorts of non-regulation procedures.  (We’ve been following up on one in particular relating to special needs – give me a call if you are interested.)

Meanwhile the Great Teacher Crisis continues.  Fewer teachers are being recruited, most who are recruited stay for shorter and shorter time-spans (aided by the most insane advertising campaign of all time telling teachers they can leave after four years for a better paid job!).

And the upside is…

First the money allocated to pay staff is still in the school’s budget and can be spent on other things.  And second, a substantial number of companies that used to advertise regularly to schools in a “buy now, discount” sort of style, have pulled out.

Which means that those still in the market are finding that quite a few of  their rivals have stepped down.

In this situation the four basics of advertising to schools that I’ve been chattering about of late are particularly important.  My point, you might recall, is to put benefits in the email, features on the landing page, use a very particular design style, send out the emails via a UK registered server, and use personal email addresses.

So, if you want to discuss any part of this approach (for example by having a written review of your web page or email), we’ll happily do that without charge.  Just call 01604 880 927 or email

Second, if you want to send out emails on a regular basis (which is what we suggest) we can send out four emails for you over a period of a month, two months, or four months for £215 (that is £53.75 each).  If you want to mail primary schools the cost is £289 (£72.75 each). There is more information here.

Thus if you make £25 profit on each sale you need to get just two or three sales to break even.  Everything else takes you into profit.

And, should you wish, we will give you advice and thoughts on the email and the landing page – simply send us a copy before the email goes out and we’ll give you our thoughts and suggestions at no extra cost.

Thus the four prime issues that make for email marketing success, all covered from £53.75 per email.

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