Back to school?

When schools re-open conditions are going to be different, and some firms will benefit

As I write this I see there is a petition doing the rounds demanding that the government re-open schools sooner rather than later.

Of course, governments in the UK don’t have to take any note of such petitions, but whether or not schools do re-open in a matter of weeks or months, they will of course all eventually re-open.

And we know that when this happens, some teachers will return fully prepared to take up classroom teaching again, but others may not be quite so ready.

So, it is possible that when schools do re-open, a fair number of teachers will be placing urgent orders as they come to terms with exactly how far behind some pupils and students may now have slipped.

Which means there could be quite a demand for “catch up” materials, as well as a demand for the normal pre-exam revision materials.

My view, for what it is worth, is that different schools will be seeing the return to schooling process in different ways, and as a result there will be no “best way” to advertise, other than to try a variety of different approaches.

In essence, some experimentation is going to be needed, and so to help with this for a short period, we are extending our “4 email programme” to five emails, without any additional cost, until the schools re-start is fully established.

And there is one other benefit you will find when you start advertising again.  We also know that some companies that have been regular advertisers to schools have now said that they are not returning to the schools’ market at all, even once the pandemic is over.

Thus, there will be teachers who will suddenly find that their regular supplier is no longer there – and they will need to find an immediate replacement.  The firms that are advertising will of course be the companies that will pick up the sales.

There are details of our 4 email programme (now extended to five emails) on our website.  Or for more information please call 01604 880 927 or email


Tony Attwood

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