Five emails to schools for just £215.00 and a guaranteed response.

Please note the offer in this announcement is only available for campaigns starting in July and mid-August.


The four month campaign email programme in which you can have one email sent out every month to schools costs from as little as around £50 per email.  

Plus you get the guarantee that if results don’t come up to your expectations we’ll work with you to find out why, and then send the email out again (or a freshly written email) free of charge.

And as if that were not enough we now have an additional offer.  If you start the four month campaign either with an email in June or with one in July, we’ll give you an extra email in August free of charge.

Now I know that sometimes it can be thought that an email to schools in August is not much use, but in fact there are many good reasons to email in that month.  

These days senior management do return to school a week or two before the start of term, not least to see if they have recruited enough staff to cover the multiple departures most schools now suffer each summer.

Then there are the many special reasons to email: Scottish schools return mid-August, as do teachers concerned with GCSE and A level results who attend in order to help students arrange their futures in the light of their results.

But just in case all of this doesn’t convince you of the need to email in August we will extend this offer to the first week in September, by which time all schools are back.

So this means either an email to schools in each of late June, July, August / early September, later September and October, or, if you prefer…

An email to schools in each of July, August / early September, later September, October and November.

The price for this set of five emails to secondary schools, nursery schools or special schools is £215 plus VAT.  For a set of five emails to primary schools the price is £289.

For each mailing you just choose one person that you want to reach – for example, deputy heads in primary schools, heads/owners in nursery schools, heads of careers in secondary schools, etc, etc.

You then supply us with your email and we send it out in accordance with your wishes.  As a bonus we will also place a link to your advert on the home page of UK Education News  – a service which continues to be used by teachers throughout the school holidays as much as in term time.

If you would like to make a booking or discuss the service in more detail please either call Stephen on 01604 880 927 or email

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