GDPR and schools the latest developments.

Opinions, as they say, are divided. And it is not my job to convince you one way or the other. But if you have been reading my commentaries on GDPR you’ll know that my view, from the information we’ve gathered, is that emailing teachers at their school address is perfectly OK under the “legitimate interest” clause.

And from what I can see, most companies are now coming around to this point of view. Those that are not are either having to pull out of marketing totally or move over to postal campaigns or emails addressed to teachers by title rather than by name.

We can, of course, provide both facilities. Just call 01604 880 927 for details.

Meanwhile we are continuing our research, and as a result of our latest consultations with teachers we have published the latest update in our series on GDPR. As things are settling down now I think this might with luck be the last GDPR report from – but if something changes, I will of course pop the details in one of these notes.

This latest report is, “How has GDPR changed school purchasing?” and it summarises our findings thus far.

If you would like a copy of “How has GDPR changed school purchasing?” please do send an email to and ask for that specific report. That last point may seem a bit obvious but we do offer a fair range of reports, and so we do need to know which one you want.

If you want to discuss any detail of our work in helping companies sell to schools please do call 01604 880 927 or email

Tony Attwood

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