Many secondary school managers return to school in mid-August.  But they receive very few promotions.


There is always a temptation at this time of year about now to think that secondary schools in England, Wales and N Ireland won’t be active again until September.

Up to a point that is true.  But for many teachers the new school year starts on 15 August, for on that day the careers, year 11 and sixth form tutors and of course the senior managers gather to consider A Level results and help their students consider what to do next.  

A week later GCSE results appear and these teachers repeat the activity for the 16 year olds – and of course those who have been re-taking their exams.  At the same time they continue to help 6th form students who have not yet decided on what to do next.

Now I can say with a lot of certainty that most companies in the UK that sell into schools don’t take any notice of late August as a marketing time, preferring instead to start their advertising again once the term is well under way.  

Which means the level of email and post arriving at schools tends to be much lower than at other times of year.  Anything that is emailed is therefore likely to get much greater attention than can be the case at other times of year.

So in order to help you if you wish to reach secondary schools as the results come out, we have a very special price for promotions at this time.  

As with all email promotions you can use generic lists (which can be addressed by title to any specific teacher) or personal lists which go directly to the teacher in the school.  

In all cases the totals below are just for England, Wales and N Ireland – the three parts of the UK that study GCSE and A level subjects.  We have separate offers for Scottish schools – please do call for details or see the section on Return to school mailings on our marketing website.

Here is a list of the lists that can be used

  • Schools with sixth forms (school generic email addresses) – 2940
  • Secondary schools (school generic email addresses) – 4260
  • Heads of sixth forms (personal email addresses) – 1950
  • Deputy heads (personal email addresses) – 4200
  • Heads of Careers (personal email addresses) – 2320

If you wish to use any other list, please do call 01604 880 927 and we can make normally make arrangements to meet your needs.

The prices apply to using any of the lists above, either staying with the same list throughout the campaign or using different lists at different times.

  • For a double mailing (at least one in August) £79
  • For a triple £126  (at least one in August) £140
  • For a 5 part mailing (at least one in August, the rest at any time in 2018) £212

We obviously only have a limited number of spaces at these particularly low prices so it is probably worth getting in touch with us sooner rather than later to reserve any of these spots.

All mailings come with a complete analytical report and our unique guarantee – if you don’t get the response you expected we’ll provide our analysis of why this happened and then offer you a replacement mailing free of charge.

If you require any further information concerning this offer, which, I must stress, does only apply if you order one email in August and one or more in September, please do call 01604 880927 or email

Tony Attwood

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