Schools will know how much extra money they will get as a result of the general election before the end of this term.

With all the main parties offering a big boost to school finances if they win the general election, it looks as if whoever wins (or even if there is a coalition) teachers will start putting in their bids for extra funding very quickly.

Indeed in response to this situation it appears that senior managers in many schools are now looking at what they should buy when the new term begins in January.

For although some schools may not see their extra funding until next April, some deals are being struck in relation to delayed payment for goods and services ordered next term.

But we must also note that for many schools some money is already in their coffers because of the shortage of teachers in many parts of the country has meant that the funds set aside for salaries have not been used up.

And just on that point, it is also true that whatever government we see, and whatever the government does, recruiting more teachers is still going to be a particularly hard task given the lack of students undergoing training en route to becoming teachers next September.

Of course, whether you start advertising now in order to announce new products or just remind teachers of what you have available, is very much a matter for you.

But if you are interested in advertising in a series of four or six emails starting in January we will be happy to give you an additional email in December free of charge.

There are details of our guaranteed Four Email campaign and our guaranteed Six Email Campaign on our website.

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