One day Brexit and the General Election will be over.

And schools will get their extra money….

As you can imagine, I write these little notes to you a few days ahead of them being sent out, but I can be fairly sure that in the intervening days between my writing these lines and you reading this things will not have completely resolved themselves.

But I do know that both the Conservatives and Labour have promised a mountain of money for schools as and when they get into power.

And even if we get another hung parliament and the Liberal Democrats go into coalition once more, I am fairly sure they will support the extra funding on schools too.

Of course, any senior managers in schools who have not already made their financial plans with the new money in mind will then start to look at what to spend the new money on.

But one thing I am certain it won’t be spent on is extra teachers, because they are rather thin in the ground these days largely thanks to an inept advertising campaign in recent years. The salaries of teachers will have to rise fairly dramatically for the current staff shortage to end any time soon.

So the money will go into goods and services.  And yes, of course some managers will at the moment the money comes in start thinking, “what can I spend this on?”

But most will by now have a wish list that is ready and waiting (and indeed some are actually spending the extra money now, even though it is not yet in the school bank).

Which is why advertising at a time of uncertainty is not as weird an idea as it might seem.

One way to do this, if you are minded to advertise to teachers at this time, as many companies are, is to use our highly discounted 4-Email and 6-Email programmes.

You can say exactly when the emails will go out (and of course whom they go to and what is in them) and simply by booking into the series now you get the full discount, plus the bonus of an additional free email at any time during December.

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