Make sure that when your speciality is in the news, you get the benefit

It can happen anytime: an item of news occurs which relates directly to a product or service that you offer, but, of course, without any mention of your company or what it does.

And naturally you want to say, “Hey, I have a product that can help solve this issue,” and you want to say that now, while everyone is talking about the issue.  So how can that be done?

To solve the issue many companies now keep on hand an advert that is ready for just such an eventuality. It opens with a phrase which mentions the item of news, such as, for example, “As you may have heard, a phone in on BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday ran a story concerning the problems facing people who…”

You then simply add the topic in the subject line along with an attention-grabbing headline and below that a brief description of your product or service.

Thus, with an advert ready to roll, any time a news service covers your area of interest, all you need is the wherewithal to reach teachers within 24 hours of the programme being broadcast or an article appearing in print or on line.

Which is where the “Spot and Dash” service comes in.

You simply call 01604 880 927 and tell us you would like an advertisement to go out within one working day, and then email the copy to and we’ll do the rest making sure the advertisement goes out to relevant teachers.

If you are currently on our Four Email or Six Email campaign programme the email can be counted as one of the series, with no extra charge.  

If you are not currently booked up with one of those programmes you can immediately join or have the email sent out as a one-off.  Details of all the email lists we have are given on our website along with the price for undertaking a single mailing. 

There is no extra charge for using the Spot and Dash service, but please note that you must supply an email that is ready to send, and that any subsequent change made to the email may mean that it does not go out within 24 hours.

If you would like to discuss Spot and Dash with us at any time, please do call 01604 880 927.

Tony Attwood

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