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There are no less than five prime reasons why it is worth emailing teachers before and during the summer vacation.

First, because the end of the summer term is the time when more money is spent by schools than any other period in the year.  The reason is fairly obvious – most of the serious teaching of the year is over and the teachers don’t have marking to do, and many have fewer lessons to prepare.

Second, many teachers receive their school emails on their phones and personal computers, and so continue to receive emails even when they are not at school.  Since virtually every teacher spends some of the summer preparing for the new term, but receives few advertisements at this time, any promotions that are received are noticed.

Third, teaching in Scotland resumes on 15 August, but because most firms don’t think of emailing until the schools in the rest of the UK are all up and running, they get virtually no emails.

Fourth, in the rest of the UK, sixth form tutors, Year 11 tutors and other senior staff in secondary schools are at work from 14 August, when they are notified of A level results.  Then on 21 August they get the GCSE results and their work continues.

And fifth, emailing at this time is free.

Or, I should explain, it is free to companies that are part of one of our Velocity programmes or are booked into our 6 Email programme.  If you are in either programme we will offer two free emails to schools at any time between 10 July (i.e. before the end of term) and 10 September (after term has started).

The six email programme costs £295 if you are emailing secondary schools and £395 if you are emailing primary schools.  The emails can be sent out at any time you wish.  There are more details here

The Velocity programme comes in various forms and starts from £395 a month, with the price depending on the work you want us to undertake. Details are here.

To find out more, and indeed to claim your free summer emails, please do call 01604 880 927 or email

Tony Attwood


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