What is it that stops advertisers getting more orders?

What is it that stops advertisers writing the advert that will bring in more orders than they could ever imagine?

The driving force behind writing a brilliant advert that brings in unexpectedly huge results is creativity. For although it is possible that you might write such a perfect advertisement by utilising established, tried and tested ideas, that is unlikely.

And it is unlikely because, if tried and tested ideas can bring in a far higher than expected response, the chances are lots of people would by now have discovered that approach and hounded it to death.  In short, if lots of people are using one particular style or approach, then that approach’s response rate will have withered away.

So the notion that one has to write adverts the way other people are writing adverts is itself an enemy of the idea of writing the advertisement that will transform your business.

Of course, if you do create an advertisement written in a new way, there is almost certainly going to be someone who says, “That won’t work.” Or “If that approach really worked, don’t you think someone would have started using that style long ago?”

Such ideas are the enemy of creativity and invention. They represent a cynical approach to creating adverts that basically says, everything that could work has been done before. 

Of course you might well have a problem at this point because your colleagues, or maybe your boss, might not believe wholeheartedly in your talent and your ability to create an advertisement that really will work.

My view is, if you are the boss, have faith in your own ideas and try them out. If you are not the boss, put forward new ideas, and if they are rejected, keep them for the moment when your superior says, “Why are our adverts not working?”

The answer is then obvious: “Because all the best ideas are being rejected on the grounds that ‘this is not how we write adverts’.”

And then, if there is room for debate you can move in with the coup de grâce – by asking “why are these different ideas being rejected without even being tried?”

But if you are still not completely ready to charge forward with an exciting new idea, here’s another to go forward.  Choose any of our mailing lists from the details on our website and book in a mailing.

Be as conservative or daring as you like in writing the advert. Then, if the response rate you get is not what you wanted, let us know and without any extra charge I will write you a new advertisement and send it out for you – completely free of charge.

So you’ll know for sure if a radical change of style helps sell your product or not – without spending another penny.

Just email Stephen@schools.co.uk or call 01604 880 927.

Tony Attwood

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