Private nursery schools in the summer: a marketing opportunity.

As part of their service to parents many private nursery schools continue to operate during the summer thus allowing parents to continue with their work.

However we have found in the last few years that the amount of promotional material these schools get in the summer is smaller than normal, perhaps because many equipment and services providers tend to think of all schools as being shut in the summer.

Therefore this summer we’ve decided to introduce a discount service for emails sent out during August and September.  In essence the price of two emails at this time is the same as the price of one.

You can send out both emails in August or one in August and one in September.  But please do note that in the list below the prices only apply for this special offer in August and September.

Private nursery schools to the personal email of the head/owner

Total: 5000.  Cost of two emails: £95

Private nursery schools addressed generically to the school, not the head or owners

Total: 5200.  Cost of two emails: £75

SureStart Centres

Total: 2398.  Cost of two emails: £45

You can also, if you wish, undertake one email to the personal email address of the head and one to the generic email address of the school for £85.

All advertising comes with our unique guarantee that should you not get the response rate you wish we will, at your request, help re-write the email and send it out again at no cost.

For more information or to discuss your campaign please do call 01604 880 927 or email

Tony Attwood

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