Schools are entering 2020 with new hope following the government’s promise of more money.  So what is the best response?

There is a simple rule in advertising which says, “Nothing lasts forever.”  In terms of advertising this has two implications: one is that just because an advertisement worked well last year, it doesn’t mean it will work well this year.  The other is that habits and styles are changing all the time.

Let us take an example of each effect in turn.

First, just because an advert worked well two years ago, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically work well now.  Times change, priorities change, feelings and attitudes change.

By all means try an old advertisement one more time, but if it doesn’t work, don’t take that as a sign that schools are still not buying.  Be ready to change your advertising – and if you want some help, do drop us a copy of the advertisement you are thinking of using and we’ll give you a written review of the advert.

There is no charge for this service and you don’t have to be a customer of ours: we offer it because we want your advertising to work just as much as you do.  Just email a copy to the address at the end of this note.

Second, if you have primarily been using one medium of late – such as email – then you could boost your advertising by exploring or changing a second medium at the same time.

This can not only include considering social media such as Facebook or installing a blog or building a secondary website, it can also include taking a look at your landing page to see if it really is pulling its weight.

Also, if you are not familiar with any of these terms, please don’t ignore them – we’re always very happy to help, and not only explain what each term is about, but why it is helpful and how you could benefit from it.

You can ask us for free help and advice by calling 01604 880 927 or emailing – or you can send over a copy of an advertisement that you have sent out in the past and we’ll undertake a review of it, free of charge.

However if you are raring to go, we can certainly run your advertisement now. We have our email lists of teachers at their personal school addresses which you can use to reach teachers. A list of our lists is given on our website and the price we show includes sending out your email on the date you choose to the personal email addresses of the teachers.

This is the term that local authority schools will be using up their funding for the financial year, and they will be doing it secure in a having a boost to their finances after Easter, so there should be quite an uplift in sales.

We’re looking forward to this being a very positive school term.

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