Somewhere in your company there must be something unique

When I talk to companies about them having something unique in their advertising in order to make it stand out from the competition, I am told that in essence they sell something that is similar to that which many other firms sell.  In short there is nothing “unique.”

“We sell school desks,” I’m told, “and we have a fair number of rivals. We offer guarantees, but then so do others. We are fast, but actually so are some of our competitors.”

Now I am always pleased with this sense of realism in the replies, because far too many companies suggest that their unique selling point is that (for example) they are a very friendly small family business. And that is a problem, because once more than one company adopts such a USP, then it isn’t really unique any more.

So having got over that point, if our conversation is continuing we might come on to the admission that really there is nothing unique, because other suppliers are making very similar claims.

And this raises the key question: if you are selling a product or service that others also offer, and you are not noticeably cheaper or faster than the competition, how can you differentiate yourself?

The answer I think is not too hard to find, because what you can always do is differentiate your advertising – especially if the competition is just selling through announcing what they have and claiming to be the fastest and/or the cheapest.

If you start making your advertisements look singularly different, then you will be noticed.  Your price, guarantee and delivery time might be similar to the competition, but if they love your adverts then you will get the trade.

Of course, getting people to love your adverts is not easy, but the results can be terrific.  No discounting, no special promises, just advertisements that are more interesting than anyone else’s.

If you are interested, do get in touch, and we’ll happily come up with an idea or two – without any cost.

And that is one of our unique selling points: we’ll help you make your advertisements unique, so they get noticed and result in higher sales.

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