Does your company have a unique selling point for its products? Try this simple test to see how your USP rates. 

Let’s take the first word in the phrase “Unique selling point”.  Unique. It means that on this point you stand alone. And then take “selling point” – that is something that tips the scales in terms not only of the customer buying, but the customer buying from you.

So which of these is a unique selling point?  You might like to test this list against your own USP.

  • Fast delivery
  • No delivery charges
  • Best quality
  • Small family business
  • Large variety of options
  • Money back guarantee
  • Friendly service
  • Expert advice
  • Online shop
  • No hassle
  • Lowest prices

I’d argue that if you have any of those phrases as a USP, you don’t have a USP because other firms will be doing the same thing.

Of course, other companies in your line of business might charge for delivery, but only if none of them ever offers free delivery will that selling point become unique.

And, of course, you might have the lowest prices – but the fact is that many other companies are likely to use the same claim.  Some may even lower their prices just to be lower in cost than you.

But even then, for it to be a selling point the USP has to be something that will tip the customer from being a potential buyer into an actual buyer and at the same time make the customer buy from you.

To my mind the key word here is “unique” – you must have something that is unique about your offer.  And that something ideally should be a benefit.

However, if this is all looking a bit more troublesome than you first imagined, don’t worry. Fortunately there is another way out.

Let’s imagine you sell school furniture. USPs which relate to being a small family business, friendly, reliable, and so forth are already taken up by many other firms. You need something different.

Now this can seem frightening, because you are being invited to do something no one else does.  And that is the point, because you grab the potential customer’s attention by being different (which is exactly what a USP is supposed to be – “unique”) you have a different approach to advertising.

Now the emphasis is on the advertising, rather than the product, and this makes life a lot easier.  Most likely your product or service is fixed – it is what it is. But your advertising can change.

If you would like to try this and then get our views on your USP and how it might be improved even further, just email  Or call 01604 880 927.

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