What is the benefit of building a second website that is not overtly about your company?

It is something that a growing number of companies do – produce a website that is primarily about the area in which they work, rather than the products and services they supply.

For example, a printing company might produce a website that is not covered in their branding but which focuses on how printed educational materials have a far greater impact on learning than online material.

A company that sells books to schools might produce a website on methods of learning which teachers might well find worth passing on to their students.

A mobile phone company could develop a website about ways in which phones are increasingly being used by schools as a way of stimulating students to learn outside the classroom.

A company that sells musical instruments could produce a site which helps parents encourage their children to keep practising.

In fact such additional sites have a great benefit to companies in that each allows the company to promote this secondary site, which is full of useful information for teachers, without it appearing to be overtly yet another promotion from themselves.  Teachers can then be invited to request further information, and this allows the collection of the email addresses of interested parties.

And such secondary sites do help engage schools with the issue that is at the heart of what the promoting company does. It can also be a place that advertises a free report or two which schools might request – and which of course leads back to the promoting company.

However it is often the case that company directors tell us that although they can see how such secondary sites can work in the examples we have given, they don’t think it would apply to them.

Which is why we always say, “OK, if you are interested in the concept, we’ll come up with the idea for a secondary site for you.”

Thus all you have to do is tell us what you do, and we’ll come up with the idea of a secondary site for you, which can drive a large number of teachers onto your main selling site.

There’s no charge and as ever with Schools.co.uk there is no obligation.  Simply email Stephen@schools.co.uk or call 01604 880 927 and we’ll come up with the idea. Then you can either put it into practice yourself, ask us to do it for you, or leave it for later.

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