Why finding the “influencers” as well as the buyers is always a good idea. 

Even though it was a very long time ago, I can still recall as a young teacher going to my head of department and showing him some items I had seen in a catalogue (we had catalogues in those days) and suggesting we might buy them.

And I’ve every reason to believe that this is still what happens – although by and large the catalogue is a thing of the past, being replaced by the internet.

Of course, this does not mean that it is not worth emailing the head of department (that is still the best way forward), but it does mean that where direct email addresses are available it can be worth emailing the other members of the department as well.

For this reason we’ve added in the deputies in larger departments to our lists of teacher email addresses.  But we’ve not increased the price of using these lists – so you can reach the influencers for free while reaching the heads of department.

This approach can be particularly helpful where there is a head of department who resolutely does not read emails.  (I know that is strange to contemplate but some people like that do exist!)

Such non-readers of emails tend to tell us that they do their product research on the internet, by looking up suppliers when something new is needed.  But where we’ve had a chance to follow this up further it has become clear that this means that the head of department is by and large ordering from the same firm over and over again.

And thus reaching even a modest number of departmental teachers can be helpful.

To see the numbers of teachers that we have for each area of teaching in both primary and secondary schools please do have a look at our on line chart of email address totals.

In each case the price quoted for the list includes our receiving your advertisement, setting it up, sending it out to that database and then reporting back to you with details of how many people clicked through from your email to your website.

And then, as part of our unique after-sales process, if you are not happy with the number of sales you have received, we’ll look through the email, the figures and your website, and suggest any changes we think you could make to get a better response.

After that, if you fancy making those changes (or asking us to make them) we’ll send your amended email out again and see if we have got you a higher response rate. All without any extra charge.

If you want to discuss any aspect of our service, please do call 01604 880 927 or email Stephen@schools.co.uk

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