What is the most effective way of keeping sales ticking over while we wait for the new money to arrive?

If you are a regular reader of my ramblings you will know that I don’t agree with the notion that schools are simply not buying at the moment – as school managers perhaps feel that they should wait for when the new finances for education promised by all the main political parties actually emerge.

I don’t agree with the premise that schools are not buying, simply because we have a number of customers who are doing rather well at the moment.  But of course I can accept that some people are experiencing lower sales than was the case in the past.

But this scenario raises an interesting question: if one is going to wait until the general election has been and gone and the new Secretary of State for Education has proudly announced the money that each party has promised – what does one do in the meantime?

There are two possible answers: do no advertising at all, or do some, just to keep the company’s name in the mind of teachers who might be interested.

In the last month or so we have seen quite a rise in the number of companies engaged in the notion of pursuing a “ticking over” approach, and I’ve had a number of discussions as to how this can best be achieved.

The best approach seems to be three adverts a term with each advert focussing on a different product or service, or a different approach to promoting the same service.

If a package of three emails is purchased then for emails to secondary schools this would cost £175 and to primary schools it would be £249.

That price includes the sending out of the three emails to the list chosen in each case and providing you with an analysis of how many emails were seen and how many people clicked through to your website.  You can of course choose the dates you want your emails to go out.

As a bonus, if you start your campaign in October or November, we’ll give you an extra email free of charge in December.

If you would like to book or if you have any questions please do email Stephen@schools.co.uk or call 01604 880 927.

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