Most email advertisements are written in the least effective way possible. But what is the most effective approach?

Most email advertisements are written as announcements.  They simply tell the reader that this is what is for sale, it is jolly good, and here is the price.

That is the least effective way possible of advertising. Announcement advertisements sent to teachers result in far fewer sales than virtually any other type of advertising.

At the other end of the spectrum the most effective advertising is written as a story which sets out the benefits.

And what really makes for good news at this moment is that telling stories can be very inexpensive.  Before digital advertising the media you could use were all pretty costly.  Now there are email and websites which allow story-telling at a fraction of the cost.

Better still, the size of your company doesn’t matter, because you can write better stories than your much bigger rivals, especially if you don’t have to get the story approved by half a dozen people above you.

On top of this your blog can become the definitive blog on your subject area; your emails can be entertaining as well as benefit laden.

And this approach will sell because no one is interested in average goods or services any more.  These days teachers and school managers, along with everyone else in society, responds to things that stands out.

In short, you either get your potential customer’s attention, or you don’t.

And yet, many companies spend far less time on advertising their product or service than they do in creating the product in the first place.

As a result of all this, the days when one can claim being a small family-run business as a virtue have more or less gone.  As are the days when one can say that one is passionate about customer service.  It has all been said far too many times already.

Which brings us to the prime question: what is it that makes your product or service stand out? What is the good story that you are telling?

If you are not quite sure, then please consider taking up this free offer. You can either email us or phone, and tell us about your product, your service or your website and what makes it special.  If emailing, a copy of a recent advert would help speed things along.

We’ll then look at your advertisements and consider them in terms of whether we think they do your vision justice.  If not, we’ll tell you how to do it and help you along the way.

And all without charge.

Obviously we hope that as a result of this you might think we are jolly nice people, and so you will place some of your school advertising for this coming term with us.

But we don’t push it.  If you don’t want to use, we might shed a tear or two, but ultimately that’s up to you.

Just phone Steve on 01604 880 927 or email and tell us about your product or service, and why you are passionate about it.  And we’ll help you put that passion into your advertisement.

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