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How to build a big audience and become a “must read” advertiser

The notion that a person can write something each day about their lives or their interests and get an audience of hundreds of thousands is fascinating. Especially if you have something to sell that could be tagged onto each bit … Continue reading

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How to make yourself creative and write brilliant adverts at the same time

Write an email advertisement one way and you might get three sales.  Write it another way and you could get 100.  Change it again and you could get so many replies you could need to stop advertising for a while so you … Continue reading

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The perfect advert: its style and form

Below you will find an example of an email written for mailing to schools and a commentary on why the style and approach is as it is. Although this email obviously is written to sell one particular product, it is … Continue reading

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The five key elements of a successful advertisement

It would make life awfully nice and easy if only we could simply tell teachers and school managers what we have for sale, and for them then to buy it.  Unfortunately everyone now sees so many adverts each day that … Continue reading

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What cranberries have to tell us about how best to sell into schools

No one has ever pretended that this is not a difficult time to sell into the education market.  But what we do know is that some firms are maintaining their sales levels, while others are not. And we know this … Continue reading

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Successful adverts to teachers are written with teachers attitudes in mind

It may be a gross oversimplification, but I think teachers see themselves as experts. More than that I think they feel completely misunderstood and grossly undervalued.  And to this I want to throw in another issue: I believe how teachers … Continue reading

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How do you persuade the more hesitant teacher to buy

“Hmmm that sounds interesting, I’ll have to think about that,” is both encouraging and dispiriting when said by a teacher or manager in a school after he/she has found out about your product or service. Encouraging because you have gained … Continue reading

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The alternatives to advertising: how else to reach schools.

Whatever you might think of GDPR, I guess most of us can agree that the intention of the EU was not to have the incredible upsurge of emails that occurred as the big day came. But that is exactly what … Continue reading

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They are not “that kind” of email

Emails addressed to schools which use generic addresses (such as and which don’t have any teacher details attached can of course still be used in the post-GDPR world. The reason for this is quite simple: the data used contains … Continue reading

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How are companies that sell to schools dealing with the new regulations?  

Reaching thousands of teachers and school managers through their dedicated news service, without a single email in sight. UK Education News is an online rolling news service which is refreshed every five minutes.  At the top of the page appear … Continue reading

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