School closure does not mean that end of selling to schools.  It just means a different approach.

The closure of schools does not mean that education has now stopped – nor does it mean that schools are no longer buying.

Rather it means they are buying different items – teaching materials that can either be used on computers at home or in the school hall (where those who cannot stay at home, will be overseen by teachers).

Quite simply, if you have any products or materials or indeed ideas that can be used either in the home or in school for those children who cannot be at home, then these are the items teachers will be looking for in the coming days.

Communication with teachers and school managers is still practical because our emails go straight to the teacher, not via the school office, and teachers will be picking up their school emails at home as they prepare work for those they normally teach.

This will, of course, be a totally new scenario for most teachers, so they will be looking for new ideas straight away.

Parents will be supportive of work coming through as it gives the pupils and students something to do and keeps them on track in terms of their studies.

If you would like to discuss exactly how your products or services can be tailored to the new situation please do call 01604 880 927 or email

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